Now is the time to become self-sufficient. 

Now is the time to learn the basics, and reconnect with natural parenting styles.

Connect with other like-minded parents.

By the end of the week, you will be in a good toileting routine with baby.

Keep it up and your baby will be out of daytime diapers/nappies and toilet independent before many babies start 'readiness potty training'.


You will get:
1 PDF copy of our Elimination Communication Babies book

5 days of live 15 minute sessions with one of our coaches covering the  sections in the book and answering your questions

Fun interactive sessions and the opportunity to connect with a buddy

Your questions answered by an experienced EC coach


Thank you for joining us.
Special note for New Zealand families, purchase your ticket  in $NZD through 

Learn Elimination Communication + Cloth 1-Week Challenge