Cause babies CAN potty.

Elimination communication – gentle toilet assistance from birth to toilet independence. Clean, healthy, sustainable, affordable and fun!

Baby is born ready for elimination assistance, it's easy for you too! Here's how...  


Did you know babies will potty instinctually from birth? The process of assisting babies with elimination from birth to toilet independence is a natural process practised by parents all around the world. It has more recently become known as elimination communication in Western culture and was formerly called 'holding a baby out (to potty)' in some countries. 

Elimination Communication Babies – Potty Plan is a step-by-step guide from birth to toilet independence. It is a quick and easy to read book which outlines the ages and three stages of potty learning taking a child up to toilet independence. Our Facebook community is also available for all families following the EC journey for peer to peer support.


If you are expecting or your baby is 0-18 months and you want to help your baby become toilet independent sooner, we have created this book for you! Please read on... 



Edition 3, 2020

  • Instant download 

  • Facebook group support

$8.95 US


Edition 3, 2020

  • īnstant download

  • Facebook group support

$8.95 US

Don't quite know how to start with elimination communication? 


Elimination Communication Babies Potty Plan is an easy to follow book leading you through the steps to toilet independence for your baby. It is a deliberately a simple easy read, as the method is quick to learn and easy to implement. This book could save you hundred's of dollars on unnecessary toileting product and at a cost less than what you might spend on a lunch. You have nothing to lose to try out elimination communication and at the very least learn about other approaches.

Toddler on a potty.
Mother holding a toy, baby on a potty.
Smile on sleeping baby.

Getting started is easy – your baby will benefit – are you ready?



Pregnant? – Get reading now. By the time baby arrives, healthy and ready for the world you'll have the nursery ready, the change table organised and the Potty Plan in place.


Newborn? – A perfect time to start as baby is easy to hold and learns quickly. During this newborn stage, many babies suffer from diaper rash. Lower your chances by practicing Potty Plan, and start right with their potty practice.


Starting Solids? – Baby is now learning to sit and the change in their diet is also noticed in their bowel movements. This is also an ideal time to start.


Young Toddler? – It's never too late to start and with consistency and practice your young toddler can still be out of diapers soon.


There are many benefits for you and your baby

Easy and Fun

  • Easy natural routine to follow

  • Easy at home or out and about

  • Fun and rewarding

  • Both parents can participate

  • Routine establishes regular and predictable bowel movements


  • Less chance of diaper-rash

  • Less chance of constipation related issues 

  • Less chance of urinary tract infections


  • Less mess to clean up

  • Less chance of soiled clothing or bedding

  • The stool is placed in the toilet where it belongs

  • Soiled diapers are not in your household rubbish (less smell)

  • Less chance your baby will soil herself

  • Fewer stains in cloth diapers


  • This image shows a washed-up diaper – intact and growing sea weed!

  • Disposable nappies account for 1-2% of the worlds non-biodegradable waste

  • The standard claim for the decomposition rate of a diaper is around 500 years

  • Following Potty Plan, means you will be using roughly half as many disposables

  • Following Potty Plan and using cloth diapers is your most sustainable approach

  • Less requirement for diaper bucket systems and other products that support the longer-term readiness approach.

Bonding and Communication

  • Communication with your baby is so important right from birth – a key component in Potty Plan

  • Assistance with toileting will further build trust

  • Positive messages

  • Creating a normal platform for toileting

  • Routine and consistency provide security

  • A baby with his needs met is a happier baby 


  • You’ll use fewer diapers (if using disposables)

  • You’ll use fewer wipes (if using wipes)

  • You won’t need a diaper bucket system to disguise or hide smelly diapers


Edition 3, 2020

  • Instant download 

  • Facebook group support

$8.95 US


Edition 3, 2020

  • īnstant download

  • Facebook group support

$8.95 US

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